Workswell WIRIS Security for security and search applications

Workswell WIRIS Security is a thermal camera for drones (UAV or pilotless planes) designed specifically for security applications, such as building and perimeter surveillance, searching for missing persons, firefighting operations, field research, searching for and counting wildlife, etc. This thermal camera is fully adapted to these applications with a high-resolution camera, assortment of lenses, functionalities, excellent temperature sensitivity, as well as rugged mechanical construction made of lightweight aluminium. The Workswell WIRIS Security camera weighs 780 grams and its dimensions are 111 mm x 80 mm x 103 mm. The thermal camera spectral range is 7.5 – 13.5 μm, i.e. this is a regular LWIR camera, as has been the industry standard.

The first feature that will definitely surprise you in this thermal camera is an absolutely unrivalled microbolometer with resolution of 800 x 600 px. Actually, this means that this is a thermal camera with the highest resolution you can get when it comes to thermal cameras for drones. In addition, this thermal camera features higher detection sensitivity of 40 mK, indispensable for example during search operations. It is further equipped with a convenient 35 mm focal length lens (i.e. with the 21.2° x 16.2° field of vision) as well as with DDE functionality (Digital Detail Enhancement) for image quality improvement. The camera comes with an image frequency of 9 Hz or 25 Hz. There is a video output available through a HDMI port.

State-of-the-art camera even in the RGB range

When designing the WIRIS Security camera, we have fully capitalized on our long-term experience with development of thermal cameras for security and search applications. Therefore, we were well aware, that apart from variety of functionalities, incorporating a suitable RGB camera was essential; in fact, that this is the most important part of the whole system, with exception of the thermal camera itself.

As a result, the main assets of the WIRIS Security camera are definitely not only high resolution or sensitivity of the thermal camera, but they include an incorporated specialized visual band imagery RGB camera with high sensitivity for dusk and dawn vision and possibility of optical ZOOM. Thus, the RGB camera image is easy to read even with minimum light of 0.0008 lux. The RGB camera focal length, or the field of vision, respectively, are variable within the following intervals of 129.0 mm – 4.3 mm, or 2.3° – 3.7°, respectively, which equals up to 30x optical ZOOM. This camera comes with many different functionalities, such as automatic switch from day to night mode, fog impact compensation mode, advanced image stabilisation and many others.

WIRIS OS operating system

This thermal camera is equipped with a WIRIS OS operating system featuring many functionalities designed for security and search applications enabling maximum utilization of both incorporated cameras. Some of these functionalities include for example the “security full screen mode”, the NUC calibration controller, bispectral coaxial zoom (thermal camera up to 12x digital zoom, RGB camera up to 30x optical zoom), artificial intelligence for person detection within the image etc. All these features are available through the RC controller as the drone is flying.

RTSP video streaming and image transfer through Wi-Fi is among other WIRIS OS functionalities. This feature is provided by the RJ 45 Ethernet port.

Operating system WIRIS OS has been in development for over 4 years now (and tested on the previous generations of the Workswell WIRIS cameras) and therefore allows you to maximize the full potential of sensoric and computing hardware and thus get the functionalities which the similar products with no operating system cannot even come close to.

In order not to finish the list of features too soon, the Workswell WIRIS Security camera is equipped with an SSD disc with 512 GB or 256 GB memory for recording.

Workswell WIRIS Security
Workswell WIRIS Security

The wides range of interconnection and connectivity

Workswell WIRIS Security also brings an interface enabling the widest range of connections to the drone, the control unit, an external GPS sensor, etc. Wi-Fi low latency live video streaming is also available.

The following HW ports are provided:

  • S.Bus
  • CAN bus (DJI M600 and A3 controller compatible)
  • Ethernet (RJ 45)
  • MavLink
  • Possibility of connection to external GPS
  • External trigger

NON ITAR product

This camera is categorized as a NON ITAR product, which means that from the administrative point of view, selling, export, and even import of this thermal camera is considerably easier and faster, as there are no associated legal requirements, such as those related to the products controlled under the ITAR regime!

Possibility to develop own applications

Along with the camera, we provide an SDK tool enabling you to develop own applications. SDK gives access to low-level functionalities and enables the application developer to fully maximise the potential of the WIRIS Security camera HW

Workswell WIRIS Security

Comparison of camera resolution 640px and 800px

Comparison between 640px and 800px camera

WIRIS Security Key feature specification
High sensitivity Night vision modes in visual Full HD cameraAdvanced Noise Reduction Technology
  • filters noise from the image for clearer results in low-light conditions
  • the de-fog feature allows clearer viewing in foggy or misty scenes
  • when the feature is activated, the camera detects the haze level and automatically applies the required effects.
Auto IR-cut Filter Function
  • in low-light conditions, the camera automatically switches from Day to Night vision mode
  • the IR-cut filter function allows to boost sensitivity for clear pictures in darkness.
Wide-D Image Processing Technology
  • gives the ability to see clear, detailed images in high-contrast or backlit environments
Operating onboard systemWIRIS OS for full real-time data streaming and control during the flight
  • operating system ensures the full access to all camera functions
  • easy camera control via S.Bus, CAN bus, MavLink, RJ-45 or Trigger
30x Optical Antivibration zoomFull HD 30x optical zoom camera with anti-vibration compensation
Thermal camera specification
IR camera resolution800 x 600 pixels
Scene range-20 °C to +150 °C
Temperature sensitivityExtra sensitivity of 0.04 °C (40 mK)
Frame rate25 Hz or 9 Hz
Spectral range / detector7.5 – 13.5 μm / Uncooled VOx microbolometer
Available lenses35 mm (21.2° x 16.2°), visit FOV calculator
Digital zoom1 – 12x continuous
Digital visual camera
Resolution1 920 x 1 080 pixels (Full HD), 1/2.8” EXMOR R CMOS sensor
Optical zoom30x optical zoom with vibration compensation and image stabilization
Minimum illumination0.0008 lux (ICR on, Slow shutter 1/4s, High sensitivity on)
View angle / Focal lengthUltra zoom 2.3° - extra wide 63.7° / 129.0 mm – 4.3 mm
Focus and exposure timeAutofocus with automatic or manual exposure time control
Image enhancementAuto-white balance, WDR, IR cut filtering, DEFOG, 3D Noise reduction
Memory and data recording
MemoryInternal high-speed SSD 512GB or 256GB for image and video recording
External slot for Micro SD card & USB 2.0 for USB stick for taking images
Image and video formats
Image and video formatsDigital camera Full HD JPEG images
Digital camera h.264 encode video HD recording
Infrared camera h.264 encode video Full frame 25 Hz recording
GPS geo-tagging (image & video)
GPS tagging (image & video)MavLink or External GPS or DJI A3 controllers compatible via CAN bus
Interfaces & real-time remote control
10-pin digital portS.Bus
CAN bus (compatible with DJI M600 and A3 controllers)
External GPS connectivity
External trigger
Ethernet (RJ-45) portSDK & RTSP video streaming and camera control
Micro USB 2.0 portUSB 2.0 Mass storage
Camera control and video streaming (optional on request only)
Remote control systemWIRIS OS ensures real-time control of all camera functions during the flight
Remote control optionsS.Bus protocol
CAN bus for real-time control on DJI M600 and GPS geo-tagging
RJ-45 for wireless uplink installation (video streaming and camera control)
Micro HDMI video output1 280 x 720 pixels (720p), Aspect ratio 16:9, Micro HDMI video output.
Camera functionsPallets: 19 changeable pallets for different flying conditions
Multi-camera modes: Full screen mode, IR only, VIS only, Picture in Picture
Periodic capturing: From 1s, IR and VIS images simultaneously
DDE function: Digital Detail Enhancement for high dynamic range imagery
NUC control settings: Automatic or manual
Power supply, weight & dimensions
Input supply voltage9 – 36 VDC, Coaxial 2.1 x 5.5 mm, outer shell - GND
Power dissipation (avg.)19 W
Weight< 780 grams
Dimensions (L x W x H)111 mm x 80 mm x 103 mm
Mounting3 x 1/4-20 UNC threads around the camera
Housing materialDurable aluminium body with ABS parts
Operating temperature range-20 °C to +55 °C
Storage temperature range-30 °C to +60 °C

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