Infra-red riflescope Workswell TRS 640/384

Infra-red riflescope Workswell TRS 640/384

Compact design, high resistance to shocks

Workswell TRS is an infra-red riflescope based on a high-performance infra-red microbolometer detector with the maximum possible temperature sensitivity. Thermovision riflescopes are offered in several versions with a resolution of 640 x 512 (with a focal length of 50 mm) or 384 x 288 (with focal lengths of 35 mm and 50 mm). The solid steel cover, the high level of IP67 coverage and the high resistance to shocks ensure that devices in the Workswell TRS series reliably function in highly demanding terrains.

Top temperature sensitivity

The unique algorithm for processing the image and the patented FFC calibration used by the Workswell TRS reduces thermal noise and highlights the observed objects. In addition, the Workswell TRS also has O-zoom, E-zoom, PIP functions and the option to choose a colour palette during the visualization of the target.

Infra-red riflescope Workswell TRS 640/384

Infra-red riflescope Workswell TRS 640/384

User interface and image

The user interface for setting the type of display is configurable and enables to choose from a large number of colours pallets and 7 types of targeting crosshairs (with 4 default centres of the crosshairs adjustable according to the type of weapon). The crosshair can also be completely hidden. The image frequency is 50 Hz, which ensures a very fluent display of the recorded scene.

Simple operation

The Workswell TRS user interface is designed with the emphasis on simplicity during tactical use of the device. Interaction is very fast and menu intelligible. The physical control of the device is adapted so that the device is fully easy to control during demanding events, even with gloves, etc. The arrangement of the menu and the allocation of buttons are symmetric and ergonomically friendly. Buttons are separated to prevent any unwanted click-through. The buttons are completely silent when pressed. The batteries are replaceable and can be silently replaced during tactical application. The operation of the device with one charging is up to 7 hours depending on the type of work with the device and the capacity of the battery.

Infra-red riflescope Workswell TRS 640/384

List of the essential parameters

  • Detector with perfect temperature sensitivity (better than 50 mK) and image frequency 50 Hz
  • Resolution of OLED display: 1,244 x 768
  • Detector resolution: 640 x 512 or 384 x 288
  • 7 types of auxiliary target crosshairs, 4 default central parts of the target unit for various types of weapons
  • Picatinny bar
  • Focusing, digital zoom and picture-in-image functions, colour palettes

ModelTRS-384WTRS-384N TRS-640
Resolution384 x 288384 x 288640 x 512
Pixel size17 μm17 μm17 μm
Objective lens35 mm50 mm50 mm
Field of View10.5°×8°7,5° x 5,5° 12° x 9,5°
Magnification2,4 - 9,6x 3,4 - 6,3x 2 - 6x
NETD≤ 50 mK ≤ 50 mK ≤ 50 mK
Frame rate50 Hz50 Hz50 Hz
Display1024 x 768 OLED1024 x 768 OLED1024 x 768 OLED
Eye relief48 mm48 mm48 mm
Diopter adjustment-6D ~ +4D-6D ~ +4D-6D ~ +4D
ReticlesMultiple patterns color optionsMultiple patterns color optionsMultiple patterns color options
BatteryCR123 x4CR123 x4CR123 x4
Battery life7h7h7h
IP RatingIP67IP67IP67
Weight750 g800 g800 g
Dimensions250mm x 55mm x 50mm250mm x 71mm x 71mm250mm x 71mm x 71mm
Detection range
Target size: 1.5m(L) x 1.3m(H)
1200 m1500 m1500 m

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