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Workswell WIRIS Pro thermal inspection camera with ultrazoom

Workswell WIRIS Pro is designed as a fully universal thermal camera for unmanned aerial vehicles (drones/UAVs). This is a new generation of thermal cameras designed for the most demanding metrological…

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Workswell WIRIS Security for security and search applications

Workswell WIRIS Security is a thermal camera for drones (UAV or pilotless planes) designed specifically for security applications, such as building and perimeter surveillance, searching for missing persons, firefighting operations,…

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Workswell WIRIS 2nd gen

This product is no longer available. It has been replaced by newer thermal cameras for drones: WIRIS Pro and WIRIS Security. The Workswell WIRIS 2nd gen is thermal imaging system…

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Thermal imaging camera for drones and UAV – Workswell WIRIS mini

The Workswell WIRIS mini is a thermal imaging system designed for commercial unmanned air vehicles, known as drones (UAV). Compared with the traditional version of The Workswell WIRIS, the Workswell…

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UAV/Drone thermal imaging camera for gas detection – Workswell GIS-320

Under certain circumstances, infra-red cameras are highly suitable for detecting gas escapes and the presence of gas in the air. They can be also helpful during tests on improving environmental…

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