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Workswell InfraRed Camera (WIC)

Workswell WIC are stationary LWIR (Long wavelength infrared) thermal cameras for precise non-contact temperature measurements in laboratory and industrial environments. Workswell’s WIC offers several different sensor resolutions, which are 336x256px…

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Workswell SMARTIS – Smart Thermal Imaging System

Workswell SMARTIS (Smart Thermal Imaging System) is the first sample of a new category of so-called intelligent thermal cameras. It is an all-in-one solution featuring a thermal camera, control unit,…

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Industrial ThermoInspector

The Workswell ThermoInspector parameterized NDT inspection system for inspecting production quality. The ThermoInspector system is well-established in numerous areas of industry: plastic, glass, steel, foundry, wood, paper and chemicals, etc.System…

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OEM ThermoInspector for FLIR

The Workswell OEM ThermoInspector system for FLIR thermal cameras is a parameterized thermal imaging inspection system (OEM kit) for the for inspecting of the quality. The ThermoInspector system has been…

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Workswell SWR-640CL a Workswell SWR-640USB

Workswell SWR-640CL and Workswell SWR-640USB are SWIR (short wave infrared) cameras manufactured by Workswell. The cameras offer a spectral range of 0.9 to 1.7um and an InGaAs detector with a…

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