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Workswell CorePlayer

Screenshots CorePlayer software Workswells CorePlayer software has been designed to perform detailed analysis and allow a user to edit, export data to different formats, and create comprehensive reports from thermograms….

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Workswell software ThermoFormat

Our ThermoFormat software is designed mainly for batch administration of recorded thermograms. If you need to change the color palette, emissivity, or temperature scale in all the recorded thermograms then…

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Workswell ThermoConnector

Workswell ThermoConnector is an application made for adding plugins into the DEWESoft X2 software. With this application user is able to add a plugin and use the special measurement and…

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WIC SDK and development libraries

Workswell provides its WIC stationary thermal cameras with a wide range of WIC SDK development libraries. These development libraries contain the complete package for user software design and implementation on…

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Workswell Safetis Control

Workswells Safetis Control application is a software made for monitoring areas where there is a high probability of fire, such as landfills, incinerators, warehouses, as well as a control condition…

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