Protective case for thermal cameras FLIR Ax5

Protective case for thermal cameras FLIR Ax5

Protective cases for thermal cameras from Workswell company are specifically designed and manufactured to ensure the long lasting protection of thermal imaging cameras FLIR Ax5 (FLIR A5, A15, A35, and A65). It ensures effective protection for thermal cameras against dust, water even in extreme conditions and industrial environments (it has IP66 ingress protection level).

The protective case consists of three independent parts made of a light aluminium alloy. The front part of the case makes it easy to handle change of IR glasses with anti-reflection coating and high permeability. End-user may choose from up to 3 different types of material (Germanium, ZnSe, or BaF2).


The mounting holes for mechanical attachment are located in the central part of the case, which is optimized for a maximum rate of conducting away the heat from the body of the camera. This is the reason why the resulting thermal imaging measurements are stable even during the high fluctuation of operation temperature.

The rear part of the case is designed to protect communication connectors of FLIR Ax5 cameras. This is the reason why there is a hole for a cable grommet cut into the rear side of the case. There is also a pre-drilled hole for a secondary external cable, if needed.

Protective case for thermal cameras FLIR Ax5

Workswell Fixed Housing for FLIR Ax5 
Housing materialAluminium, or plastic POM-C
Front glassGermanium, ZnSe or BaF2
Ingress protectionIP66
cable glandsIP68
Dimensions145 x 70 x 67 mm
Weight< 650 g
Camera compatibilityFLIR A5, A15, A35 and A65

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