SMART Thermal Cameras

Workswell SMARTIS

Industrial SMARTIS

Workswell SMARTIS (Smart Thermal Imaging System) is the first sample of a new category of so-called intelligent thermal cameras. It is an all-in-one solution featuring a thermal camera, control unit, I/O card as well as a TCP/IP interface integrated within a single casing including an in-built webserver allowing for communication with a superior system including any PLC.

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Fire-Safety SMARTIS

The Workswell SMARTIS thermal camera is designed for process automation and machine vision but can also be used for continuous measurements of temperature in metrological and research applications. The SMARTIS thermal camera has been designed for use in process automation so that it can autonomously control a smaller process however, its part can also become a part of the control system. Therefore, it has been equipped with a TCP/IP interface (Ethernet 100Mb/sec, RJ-45) which is complemented with digital inputs and analogue outputs (current loop 0-24 ma/12 V).

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