WIC and ThermoInspector Applications


Monitoring the correct heating of the windscreen

In these times of modern cars, the heating of the rear window or windscreen…


Surface temperature check when gluing laminate

Gluing laminate on chipboard under high pressure and at the stated temperature…


Surface temperature monitoring during aluminium soldering

Soldering is a method of joining parts with molten auxiliary material, the so-called…


Surface temperature check – spot laser welding plastics

Plastic welding is one of the most widely used technologies in the industry…


Temperature monitoring contour laser welding

Welding of plastic parts is nowadays a very used technology in the industry…

Tyto a mnohé další problémy se dají pomocí termokamery Workswell WIC odhalit ihned po osazení a zapnutí DPS bez nutnosti testování samotné funkce zařízení

Printed circuit boards inspection

When designing and producing printed circuit boards (PCB), it is very difficult to…

SAFETIS Applications

Flare monitoring: Thermal imaging monitoring of burning chimneys

Thermal imaging monitoring of burning chimneys

Many industries use chimneys to burn unwanted flammable side or waste products from normal..

Thermal imaging monitoring of burning waste

Thermal imaging monitoring of burning waste

The amount of waste produced worldwide is continuously increasing. The Czech Republic produces..


Thermal imaging monitoring of Casting Ladle

The use of casting ladles for steel is currently one of the most used processes in the metallurgy..

WIRIS, GIS-320 and CWSI Applications


Photovoltaic Panels

Increased worldwide awareness of the environment and risks of depleting…


inspection of pipes

Air thermo-graphic inspection of pipelines mainly covers long distance…


High voltage power lines

Fires from poorly installed electrical equipment are relatively common…


Checking flat roofs

Several flat roof areas can cause faults such as, roof contact with attics, drains, etc….


Building diagnostics

Several flat roof areas can cause faults such as, roof contact with attics, drains, etc. Leakage…


Cultivation and Phenotyping of Cereals

The process of cultivation leading to the target properties of new crop…


Detection of Water Stress

Availability of water for crops and their resistance to shortages during growth affect…


Fakel burner inspection

CONDOR Solutions carried out a new inspection of the fakel burner in the facility…


Security applications

Today, security is an expression that is very common in all areas of our lives…



For several decades thermal cameras have been an indispensable help for fire fighters worldwide…


Gas leaks visualization

Thermal cameras can efficiently detect (visualize) gas leaks that are hazardous for the environment…


Roe deer mortality reduction

Over recent decades, growing competition in the agricultural sector has encouraged the development…


Drone based 3D thermal modeling

Thermal imaging cameras have been in common use with the drones for several years…


Monitoring in climate change research

Billions of people suffer the effects of inadequate access to water. Strategies for…


Green roofs inspection

Modern concept of green roofs has been established for over 100 years and they have been become…


Improvement of potatoes phenotyping

After weathering record-breaking temperatures, parts of Europe are now gripped by a punishing drought that is shriveling harvests…

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