Workswell Safetis Control

Workswell Safetis Control alarm mode

Workswells Safetis Control application is a software made for monitoring areas where there is a high probability of fire, such as landfills, incinerators, warehouses, as well as a control condition in the foundry ladle and more. The software is designed for connecting up to 16 SMARTIS thermal cameras, controlling their functions, perform temperature measurements and storing data if the sudden situation occurs.


  • Connect up to 16 thermal cameras SMARTIS
  • Digital and Analog output settings based on measured temperature. Set up an alarm based on measured limited temperature with an option to record for a certain period of time.
  • Option to set up parameters of measurement (Such as emissivity, apparent reflected temperature and atmospheric parameters)
  • Adding measurement functions: measure temperature at point, minimum and maximum along the line and polygonal chain, in polygonal, square and circular area
  • Manual and automatic export of radiometric images and sequences
  • Displaying a chart with temperature process and record & view application events.

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