Workswell InfraRed Camera (WIC)

Workswell infrared camera WIC

Workswell WIC are stationary LWIR (Long wavelength infrared) thermal cameras for precise non-contact temperature measurements in laboratory and industrial environments. Workswell’s WIC offers several different sensor resolutions, which are 336x256px (WIC 336) and 640x512px (WIC 640) with a sensitivity up to ≤0.03°C (30mK). This thermal camera can be connected by a USB3 interface (perfect for laboratory usage and PCB analysis) and GigE (suitable for industrial applications and integration with manufacturing processes). All WIC thermal cameras are calibrated during the manufacturing process and are delivered with an official calibration certificate.

Workswell’s WIC in its USB3 variant has a very low energy consumption due to simple connectivity with a laptop, no need for an external power supply and an integrated analogue camera output. Both thermal camera variants can be easily attached to a production line or a tripod. The high ingress protection rate of its IP65 enclosure ensures the camera’s protection against external factors.

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All WIC thermal cameras can be set up using an exact time protocol for picture synchronization.

Workswell’s CorePlayer software automatically identifies the presence of the thermal camera, sets an IP address, and ensures that the thermal camera is connected to your system. All WIC thermal cameras use 14 RAW data formats or directly calibrated temperature in each pixel. The thermal cameras picture can be displayed in different temperature color palettes with an interactive side banner and many measuring functionalities. Parameters such as NUC, emissivity, and temperature range can be easily set by the user while also allowing the user to add different measuring functionalities, save radiometric pictures and videos, apply graphs, or create an attractive PDF protocol.

Full version of Workswell CorePlayer software and SDK for Windows and Linux are included in the delivery package.However, you can pay extra for a special SDK for ARM, for example.

Workswell infrared camera WIC

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SDK for WIC thermal camera
Workswell provides its WIC stationary thermal cameras with a wide range of WIC SDK development libraries. These development libraries contain the complete package for user software design and implementation for various operating systems and platforms.

Typical applications


Monitoring the correct heating of the windscreen

In these times of modern cars, the heating of the rear window or windscreen…


Surface temperature check when gluing laminate

Gluing laminate on chipboard under high pressure and at the stated temperature…


Surface temperature monitoring during aluminium soldering

Soldering is a method of joining parts with molten auxiliary material, the so-called…


Surface temperature check – spot laser welding plastics

Plastic welding is one of the most widely used technologies in the industry…


Temperature monitoring contour laser welding

Welding of plastic parts is nowadays a very used technology in the industry…

Tyto a mnohé další problémy se dají pomocí termokamery Workswell WIC odhalit ihned po osazení a zapnutí DPS bez nutnosti testování samotné funkce zařízení

Printed circuit boards inspection

When designing and producing printed circuit boards (PCB), it is very difficult to…


  • High Resolution
  • Temperature range up to +1500°C
  • Sensitivity 0.03°C
  • High Accuracy: ± 2% or ± 2°C
  • GigE or USB3 communication
  • Variations of lenses
  • Waterproof (Water jets)
  • Dust tight
  • SDK a SW included
  • Calibration with certificate

Unique properties

  • Easily attachable to a tripod or a production line
  • Small and compact in size
  • Robust product design
  • High ingress protection rate while using a special case
  • High-resolution thermal camera with possibility to focus from 5cm up
  • Objective lenses visual field from 13° – 69° (6.8mm – 19mm)
  • Full operability of the thermal camera by using a CorePlayer software or development libraries (SDK)
  • Precise calibration, including GAIN and FFC calibration

Delivery package includes

  • Workswell WIC
  • Selected objectivelens attached to the thermal camera
  • Calibration certificate
  • USB3 or Ethernet cable
  • PoE (GigE version)
  • Workswell CorePlayer software license
  • SDK for Windows and Linux
  • Durable transport case

TypeWIC 336WIC 640
Resolution336 x 256 px640 x 512 px
Sensitivity0.03°C (30mK) 0.03°C (30mK) on demand
Temperature range-25°C…+150°C
+1 500°C with external filter
50°C to 1000°C with external filter
+1 500°C with external filter
50°C to 1000°C with external filter
Accuracy±2°C or ±2%±2°C or ±2%
Frame rate9Hz, 30Hz or 60Hz9Hz, 30Hz or 60Hz
Spectral range7.5 – 13.5 µm7.5 – 13.5 µm
Optional lenses6.8 mm – 19 mm9 mm – 19 mm
Power supplyvia USB3 cable or PoE (GigE type WIC)via USB3 cable or PoE (GigE type WIC)
CommunicationUSB3 or GigEUSB3 or GigE
Analog videoPAL, NTSC (USB3 type WIC)PAL, NTSC (USB3 type WIC)
SoftwareWorkswell CorePlayerWorkswell CorePlayer
SDKWindows, Linux x86, Linux ARM, Labview SDK, Matlab Simulink SDK, Dewesoft SDKWindows, Linux x86, Linux ARM, Labview SDK, Matlab Simulink SDK, Dewesoft SDK
CalibrationYes (with certification)Yes (with certification)

WIC 640Field of visioniFOVMin. distance
Focal length 9 mmFOV 69° x 56°1.889 mrad from 1 meter7 cm
Focal length 13 mmFOV 45° x 37°1.308 mrad from 1 meter15 cm
Focal length 19 mmFOV 32° x 26°0.895 mrad from 1 meter20 cm
WIC 336Field of visioniFOVMin. distance
Focal length 6.8 mmFOV 45° x 35°2.267 mrad from 1 meter5 cm
Focal length 9 mmFOV 35° x 27°1.889 mrad from 1 meter7 cm
Focal length 13 mmFOV 25° x 19°1.308 mrad from 1 meter15 cm
Focal length 19 mmFOV 17° x 13°0.895 mrad from 1 meter20 cm
FOV Calculator

Even though you will be using the Workswell WIRIS system during many flight hours, a great part of your work will be dedicated to analysis and evaluation of the collected data. Most of the time, the simple transfer of “pictures” will not be enough, and it will be necessary to perform a detailed analysis and create a protocol. That is why Workswell CorePlayer system, or possibly Workswell ThermoFormat analytical software, are part of every WIRIS delivery package.

Workswell CorePlayer

Software is designed to perform detailed analysis, editing, exporting to different formats, and creating comprehensive reports from the thermograms recorded by Workswell WIRIS. All common functionalities for analysis of such data (temperature on the spot, minimum and maximum of the area, temperature profile, zoom, change in temperature scale, color palette, emissivity etc.) are available within the software, as well as extending functions such as GPS position on a map, or displaying the digital picture taken by WIRIS. See the data list for further information on all functionalities.

Workswell infrared camera WIC





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