Workswell ThermoConnector

Workswell ThermoConnector is an application made for adding plugins into the DEWESoft X2 software. With this application user is able to add a plugin and use the special measurement and display functions supported by the DEWESoft X2 software. The ThermoConnector plugin is most often used to display and consequent analysis of data provided by the connected thermal cameras (WIC, WIC2, FLIR Ax5, FLIR A6x5, FLIR hand held cameras and so on) with the usage of the analytical and measurement tools of the DEWESoft X2 software. 

Workswell thermoconnector


  • Workswell WIC
  • FLIR Ax5,
  • FLIR A6x5
  • FLIR handheld thermal cameras
  • and other

pdf iconDatasheet – ThermoConnector0,5 MBDOWNLOAD

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