Workswell TIS 640

Workswell TIS 640

Truck Infrared System (TIS) made by Workswell company is a complex thermal imaging system designed for use on firefighting vehicles. The whole system is based on a thermal imaging camera which can be controlled by PTZ system motors. The thermal imaging camera can be controlled remotely, directly from vehicle cabin, through a remote connection via a tablet.

The system includes a thermal imaging camera to scan the scene in the infrared spectrum, as well as a classic digital camera which simultaneously provides images in the visible spectrum. Both the cameras are hidden in a protective cover specially designed to be usable in demanding conditions. This protective cover provides high degree of protection IP67; it is dustproof and watertight (the cover resists immersion in water for 30 minutes for 1m depth). The cover is designed for high metrological accuracy: the protective glass visor is made of germanium (the highest quality material for LWIR thermal imaging camera); structure of the cover is adapted for good heat removal from the body of thermal imaging camera. This provides high temperature stability and thus accuracy of measurement.

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Temperature resistance of the system is within the range of -20°C to +60°C, which is the operating temperature of the protective cover.

The PTZ system can be controlled via the software control unit with buttons on the tablet. It is possible to preset the motor positions; those can be used either the default ones or the ones to which the motor returns back (as pre-programmed ones). Radiometric images and sequences can be opened in the PC and modified in Workswell’s software of CorePlayer or ThermoFormat. In the CorePlayer software, it is also possible to create reports of the entire set of thermographic images.

Workswell TIS 640
Workswell TIS 640

Truck Infrared System can work in preset modes. These can be preset and then edited as needed. The modes are used to set live transmission from the thermal imaging camera and to set the way of presentation on the screen. It is possible to easily add or remove them using just two buttons. Modes include settings such as: colour palette of thermal image, automatic or manual temperature range; and the minimum and maximum temperatures in the manual temperature range. It is also possible to set up switching on/off of the alarm (isothermic) mode which highlights the temperatures in the image with selected colours. This is linked to setting of the maximum and minimum temperature for alarm and also the colour of the alarm in the image

The temperature range of the thermal imaging camera can be set to the low temperature range (0-250 degrees of Celsius) or the high temperature range (50-1000 degrees of Celsius). Modes also include the setting of the measuring elements in a thermal image, or so-called measuring crosses which display the maximum, minimum and medium temperature in the image.

The tablet to control the system while sitting in the vehicle cabin shall be connected to the control computer using the PC Remote application. The tablet-based system application displays live transmission from the thermal imaging camera and the camera in the visible spectrum at the same time, allowing you to make all the settings.

Workswell TIS 640

The user may choose between the system variants in Czech or English languages. It is also possible to choose scales in degrees of Celsius or degrees of Fahrenheit.

The system is powered by 24 VDC-30 VDC power supply, it reaches the maximum voltage of 28V when starting the system.

Package Contents:

  • The thermal imaging camera with the camera in the visible-spectrum, in the protective cover
  • PTZ motor with control unit
  • Controlling industrial computer
  • Touch display

Thermal imaging cameraTruck Infrared System
Resolution640 x 512 pixels
Temperature ranges0°C to +250°C
50°C to +1000°C
Temperature sensitivity50mK (0.05°C)
Accuracy± 2% or ± 2°C (In high temperature range 50 °C to +1000 °C)
Spectral Range7.5 – 13.5 μm
FocusFocused on infinity
Digital zoom1 – 14x continuous
Digitál cameraYes, 800 x 600px
LensesFocal length 35mm FOV 18° x 14°

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