Workswell WIRIS Pro thermal inspection camera with ultrazoom

Workswell WIRIS Pro is designed as a fully universal thermal camera for unmanned aerial vehicles (drones/UAVs). This is a new generation of thermal cameras designed for the most demanding metrological applications, such as, but not limited to, industry, archaeology, or precision farming.

State-of-the-art camera for inspection activities

WIRIS Pro has been designed first and foremost as an inspection camera. Its thermal camera is equipped with a LWIR microbolometric sensor with 640×512 px resolution (in the 7.5 – 13.5 μm range) and the Super resolution mode functionality providing an option to have the final thermogram in the 1280 x 1024 px resolution. Further, the RGB camera comes with a Full HD (1920 x 1 080 px) resolution and, most importantly, it provides an absolutely unrivalled optic ultrazoom – as much as 10x (i.e. 6.9° to 58.2° field of view). The thermal camera has four temperature ranges (two premium), while the highest possible temperature that the thermal camera can measure is 1,500 °C.

Because different industrial or metrological applications ask for different thermal camera lenses, WIRIS Pro offers a variety of user-interchangeable lenses with the 18°, 32°, 45°, and 69° field of view. An individual calibration certificate is issued for each lens. The thermal camera is issued with a calibration certificate as well. That means that the lenses can be purchased separately.

WIRIS Pro is on offer with a 50 mK temperature sensitivity, or 30 mK in the premium version. The imaging frequency is optional – either 30 Hz or 9 Hz. Analysing software for the thermal camera is available both for the Windows and macOS operating systems.

Different recording options

A big amount of radiometric data can be taken in course of the inspection activities. Therefore, WIRIS Pro is equipped, as the only one among the cameras for drones, with an internal SSD disc with the capacity from 128 GB to 256 GB. Afterwards, the data can be stored on an external USB disc or a microSD card.

Rugged construction

Industrial inspections are often executed in demanding and dusty environments. As a result, there is a higher potential risk that the camera can be damaged. Therefore, WIRIS Pro is protected by a rugged case made of lightweight aluminium. In addition, its most sensitive part, i.e. the thermal camera lens, is protected by a replaceable protective cap made of germanium.

Precise metrology

We are aware that industrial applications can be very demanding when it comes to metrology and that at each stage. The separate calibration of each lens, including the final calibration certificate in particular . Each thermal camera is precisely and individually manufactured and calibrated.

WIRIS OS operating system

Thermal camera WIRIS Pro, as the other cameras of the WIRIS type, comes with a WIRIS OS operating system featuring many functionalities designed for security and search applications enabling maximum utilization of functionalities and properties of both incorporated cameras. This way, it is extending the camera’s metrological capabilities and offering a number of advanced measurement functions which you cannot see in any other product.

In practice, you will be surprised by the possibilities and ease of use that WIRIS OS offers. And all of this through the RC controller during the drone flight.

Possibility to develop own applications

Along with the camera, we provide an SDK tool enabling you to develop your own applications. SDK gives access to low-level functionalities and enables the application developer to fully maximise the potential of the WIRIS Pro camera hardware. SDK for the popular MATLAB development environment is also available.

Termovizní kamera Workswell WIRIS Pro
Termovizní kamera Workswell WIRIS Pro

The widest range of interconnection and connectivity

Workswell WIRIS Pro also brings an interface enabling the widest range of connections to the drone, the control unit, an external GPS sensor, etc. Wi-Fi low latency live video streaming for image streaming and transmission of control signals via Wi-Fi is also available.

The following HW communication and control ports and interfaces are provided:

  • S.BUS
  • CAN bus (DJI M600 and A3 controller compatible)
  • Ethernet (RJ 45 with the RTPS streaming and control signals transmission option)
  • MavLink
  • possibility of connection to external GPS
  • external trigger

Control options of WIRIS Pro

Možnosti ovládání systému Workswell WIRIS Pro
Možnosti ovládání systému Workswell WIRIS Pro
Možnosti ovládání systému Workswell WIRIS Pro

WIRIS Pro Key features description
Super Resolution ModeWIRIS Pro takes Super Resolution Mode 1.3Mpx IR images in one shot
Operating onboard systemWIRIS OS for full real-time data streaming and control during the flight
  • operating system ensures the full access to all camera functions
  • easy camera control via S.Bus, CAN bus, MavLink, RJ-45 or Trigger
10x Optical Antivibration zoomFull HD 10x optical zoom camera with anti-vibration compensation
Thermal camera specification
IR camera resolution640 x 512 pixels
IR Super Resolution Mode1 280 x 1 024 pixels (improvement of native resolution up to 1.3 Mpx)
FPA active sensor size1.088 x 0.8705 cm
Temperature ranges-25 °C to +150 °C
-40 °C to +550 °C
optional temperature range 50 °C to 1 000 °C
optional temperature range 400 °C to 1 500 °C
Temperature sensitivityStandard 0.05 °C (50 mK) or optional 0.03 °C (30 mK)
Accuracy±2 % or ±2 °C
Frame rate30 Hz or 9 Hz
Spectral range / detector7.5 – 13.5 μm / Uncooled VOx microbolometer
Calibration of each lensPackage includes a calibration certificate
Available lenses18°, 32°, 45°, 69° (exchangeable lenses, all calibrated), visit FOV calculator
Protective filter on lensFilter protects the lens against external damage during the flight
Digital zoom1 – 14x continuous
Digital visual camera
Resolution1 920 x 1 080 pixels (Full HD), 1/3” sensor, Auto white balance, Wide dynamic range, Backlight compensation, Exposure and Gamma control
Optical zoom10x optical zoom with vibration compensation
View angleultra zoom 6.9° - extra wide 58.2°, focal 33.0 mm - 3.3 mm
Noise reductionSpecial 3D noise reduction function
FocusAutofocus with Direct Focus Zoom synchronization
Memory and data recording
MemoryInternal high-speed SSD 128GB or 256GB for image and video recording
External slot for Micro SD card & USB 2.0 for USB stick for taking images
Image and video formatsRadiometric JPEG images and Digital camera Full HD JPEG images
Radiometric TIFF images (Pix4D and Agisoft compatible for 3D modeling)
Digital camera h.264 encode video HD recording
Radiometric full-frame IR recording (raw data recording in 30 Hz)
GPS geo-tagging (image & video)
GPS tagging (image & video)MavLink or External GPS or DJI A3 controllers compatible via CAN bus
Interfaces & real-time remote control
10-pin digital portS.BUS
CAN bus (compatible with DJI M600 and A3 controllers)
External GPS connectivity
External trigger
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