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Workswell CorePlayer software is designed for detailed analysis of thermograms (thermo vision images) and radiometric videos produced by the Workswell WIC thermal camera or thermovision systems for Workswell WIRIS drones. The system is also compatible with FLIR TAU2 after connection to our USB3 or GigE adapters.

Workswell CorePlayer enables to edit the acquired data, export it to other formats (PNG, AVI etc.) and create self contained reports. All common functions are available in the software for the analysis of radiometric data (determination of temperature in the point, minimum and maximum in the area, temperature profile, zoom, change of temperature range, pallet, emissivity etc.), as well as the usual functions like creation of protocols, 3D models and highly detailed analysis of radiometric videos, including editing sequences and the option to store individual images, etc.

When connecting a Workswell WIC thermal camera through USB3 or the Ethernet, it is possible to parameterize the camera, set the parameters for measurement and perform on-line measurement, including recording data in the form of individual images and radiometric video.

Measuring reports can be produced from the measured images, using the simple guide.


  • Setting the measuring parameters for image and radiometric video, such as emissivity, reflected apparent temperature, and atmospheric parameters.
  • Editing of radiometric images (thermograms), adding measuring functions into the image, changing the palette, changing the temperature range, activation / deactivation of alarm, etc.
  • Insertion of measuring functions: measuring of temperature in the point, minimum and maximum in the area, polygonal and triangle area, temperature profile and other functions.
  • Display of GPS coordinates on the map and in the case of radiometric video, the display of the GPS position of individual images and the whole trajectory.
  • Creation of PDF report on measurements from acquired images.
  • Export of images from digital camera (Workswell WIRIS).
  • Export of radiometric data into Microsoft Excel (CSV file).
  • Display of graph with the development of temperature at the time in the stated point (for radiometric sequence).
  • Export of radiometric sequence into AVI video format.

  • Workswell WIC
  • Workswell WIRIS
  • USB3 and GigE adapters for FLIR TAU2

Format Name Size Link
pdf icon Datasheet CorePlayer 0,5 MB DOWNLOAD
pdf icon Sensor settings – CorePlayer 1,1 MB DOWNLOAD

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